Family Services

Our family services focus on improving the quality of life in our community by restoring faith, hope, and learning in every family.

We offer a wide variety of programs:

Community dinners

Every Sunday at 5:30 PM, we provide a warm meal for families who are willing to explore faith and build community with other families in the area. We would be happy to have you join us this week!


Our preschool is a safe place for children 0-5 years old. We support growth and foster learning through three different age-based programs.

After school

Our after school program is available for all students 6th grade and up. We provide a safe place for students in the Grant Beach neighborhood to spend their afternoons.

Life coaching

We are excited support anyone who is ready to move forward with personal and professional goals. Our trained coaches are here to help you realize your full potential.

Food provision

We provide groceries, produce, and other supplies provided by our generous donors and community gardens to those who join Life 360 Fairbanks. We do not operate as a food pantry, but instead a community that shares with those in need.

Community gardening

Springfield Community Gardens is a great partner that has helped us develop part of our own land as a garden space for the community. Neighbors can rent plots and share their harvest or even sell in the incoming Fresh Foods Market.

Cooking classes

Our cooking classes showcase the items we receive from our partners as well as our community gardens. The goal of this program is to showcase easy-to-prepare meals that everyone can enjoy.

Budgeting classes

From budgeting 101 to Financial Freedom and credit counseling we offer a wide range of opportunities to learn more about balancing a budget and investing for the future.

Jobs for life

We offer softskill job readiness courses to those individuals who want to sharpen their skills in the professional world. Our mentors will walk alongside individuals to help them gain experience with interviews, raises, and job promotions. At the end of our eight-week course, each individual is guaranteed a job interview.

Event Venue

The Fairbanks is an excellent space to hold any type of event. We have ample space to support weddings, meetings, birthday parties, and more.

Foster and Adoption support

The orphaned in America are in desperate need of help. We offer support to families who are willing to step up and care for the “least of these” in our own neighborhoods. From support groups to national foster an adoption trainings we do all that we can to encourage healthy and happy forever families.