Jobs for Life

Life360 Fairbanks Jobs for Life (JfL) assists our Northwest Springfield neighbors by helping them discover God’s purpose and plans, especially as they relate to employment. We will teach people God’s design for work, providing a supportive community and helping them to find and maintain meaningful employment.


Life360 Fairbanks JfL is committed to help Northwest Springfield by:

  • Restoring people’s dignity and purpose
  • Offering a hand instead of a handout
  • Bringing jobs and hope to underserved communities
  • Keeping ex-offenders from going back to prison
  • Eradicating homelessness
  • Assuring victims of abuse of their identity in Christ
  • Empowering young people to dream
  • Equipping others to provide for themselves and their families


You can help by:

  • refer students
  • donate to JfL
  • become a Partner  Business
  • become a Champion (their friend and mentor)
  • provide resources for our students


Champion Application                    JfL Application